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~Edge to Edge or Allover Quilting
Quilting is done with a continuous line pattern of your choice
to cover the quilt from edge to edge. I have an extensive selection of patterns to choose from. Patterns can be ordered especially for your quilt. ~Custom Quilting
Quilting is specific to the quilt top, accentuating separate quilt blocks and
borders and comprising a variety of patterns and techniques. ~Custom-Made Quilts ~Binding
~Edge to Edge (Allover) Quilting:
$.0175 - .025/sq. inch, depending on the density and complexity of the design
Minimum: $50.00
(example: 70" X 90" = 6,300 square inches X .0175 = $110.25) ~Custom Quilting: $.03 - $.05/sq. inch
Minimum: $75.00
To be determined in advance by complexity of quilting. ~Binding Services: Customer Provides Fabric
Hand Finished Binding: $0.25/linear inch Binding is applied by machine and hand finished on the back.
Machine Finished Binding: $0.15/ linear inch Binding is machine applied and machine finished.
Machine Sewn Binding: $0.10/linear inch Binding is machine applied, pressed and pinned for the customer to hand sew to the back. I carry a selection of quality battings for purchase for your quilt. I cut the batting from the roll for your quilt to minimize waste. Batting cut from a roll does not have the creases and stretching that batting from a package can have. Charges for fabric or batting provided by Quilted Finishes, pressing charges, binding, hanging sleeve, seaming the backing, specialty thread, rush orders and shipping will be calculated separately in advance. Custom-made quilts can be made to order in your choice of pattern and color.
Call for prices: 978-266-1143
~Quilt top and backing should be squared and pressed. Backing and batting should be at least 3-4" larger on all sides than the quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 60” X 80”, the quilt backing should measure about 66” X 86”. I can piece your backing for a nominal charge. ~Do not baste or pin quilt. ~If the quilt has a "top", mark it with a safety pin. Some quilting patterns have a one-way design. ~Quilt must lie flat and smooth in order to be quilted flat, without puckers. Please make sure borders do not add extra fullness. I would be happy to provide you with instructions for applying borders. ~Please remove any hanging threads and markings from your quilt. ~Please remove selvedge edge from seams of pieced backing, but leave them at the side edges, if you like.
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